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InsightXM combines simple, elegant software with a professional data science team to help you tackle your most critical data and BI needs.


Take The Next Step With Your Data and Analytics


Predictive analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data... all of these buzzwords are constantly in your face, but can they really deliver value? How do you get just simple, actionable insights from your data?

Introducing InsightXM, a new business intelligence platform that provides teams with on-demand data science solutions. Our platform helps non-technical teams securely integrate and manage data, then easily uncover precise insights and opportunities, as they need it.

Kick things off with a project that'll address your most important needs. You'll get a dedicated data science team to answer your toughest questions, as well as built-in applications for fully interactive analysis. 

Perfect for teams in


Modern Data Solutions That Drive ROI


Our project-centered, pay-as-you-go platform lets your team quickly and flexibly take on new data challenges as they arise.

 No confusing pricing. No Surprises.



Data Mining, Cleaning, & Normalization

Websites ● APIs ● Databases

Documents ● PDFs ● Images

Cleaning ● Normalization

Machine Learning & Statistical Analysis

Prediction ● Clustering

Model Building ● Tradeoff Analytics

Excel ● Python ● R

Data Visualization & Dashboard Creation

Sales and Marketing KPIs

SaaS ● DevOPS KPIs

D3.js ● Tableau ● QlikView




Business Intelligence &  Data Enrichment

Competitor/Industry Analysis

Behavioral Personas

CRM and Lead Building

API/Database Creation & Management

Relational (SQL) ● NoSQL

Hadoop ● MapReduce ● Spark

Javascript ● JSON ● XML

Natural Language Analysis & Text Mining

Tone Analyzer ● Language Detection

Personality Insights

Sentiment Analysis


And much more.

How It Works


1. Start a Project

Fill out a simple project brief and we’ll get your team on our platform and paired with your data science team.

2. Collaborate

Review milestones and give feedback with our simple platform. Your data science team is always there for you.

3. Insights & Results

Interact with your results through a variety of integrated applications built on top of the InsightXM platform.


What You Get With InsightXM


Project Center

Our online project management system makes it easy to create and manage various business intelligence projects.

Data Science Team

With each project you get an expert data science team to work on your toughest business intelligence problems.

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Custom Integrations

Easily integrate with third-party sources or upload raw data files—you name it, we've got you covered.



Whether you prefer phone, email, or in-app communication, there’s an easy way to stay in touch with your InsightXM team.

Impenetrable Security

Whether or not your data is sensitive, we take extreme measures to ensure that our security is impenetrable.

Interactive Results

Once a project is done, continue to interact with your data and outcomes through a variety of built-in applications. 


What Folks Are Saying

So amazing! My InsightXM data team helped us classify and predict new leads as we were planning a new product launch in the Southwest.
— Justin Hood, Only Foreign
Beautiful design aside, the bottom line is they get you actionable insights from your data, which is immensely valuable to any business.
— John Farmer, Sandbox Labs

InsightXM — proud partner with IBM Watson

InsightXM is using the incredible power of IBM Watson Analytics to reveal insights, patterns and relationships across your data.