Empowering Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions


With InsightXM, your team has an end-to-end banking and financial intelligence platform that can integrate, standardize, visualize, and predict all your financial data, from loan defaults to profitable customers and investments .

Then put our data science team to work on more specific projects. 


Perfect For


Regional Bank Managers

Financial Analysts


Risk Managers

Optimize Returns. Minimize Risk. Predict Fraud.


By aggregating data from multiple sources, you can uncover strategic opportunities to grab wallet share, reduce ineffective marketing, and tap into high-performing product/segment match-ups.




Gather data from multiple sources, utilizing existing platforms and tools

  • Core transaction data
  • Lending documents and COLD storage
  • Treasury management tools
  • Demographic and Sales data


Identify clusters of profitable customers and opportunities for enhancement

  • 1 to 1 targeting
  • Fraud Detection
  • Branch Optimization
  • Forecast Trends


Gain an understanding of actionable insights, rather than just lists of information

  • Lead lists and segments
  • Consolidation Opportunities
  • Pricing Models
  • Historical Product Performance

A Single Hub For All Your Data Sources


With InsightXM, you get a single hub to help you easily collect, manage and route all your operational data. Whether it's your core transaction processor, mortgage origination software, or CRM database, your services work with InsightXM - no extra effort required. 


Financial Data Solutions That Drive ROI


Our project-centered, pay-as-you-go platform lets your team quickly and flexibly take on new data challenges as they arise.

No monthly contracts. No confusing pricing. No Surprises.



Data Mining, Cleaning, & Normalization

Websites ● APIs ● Databases

COLD Storage ● Documentation ● Flat files

Cleaning ● Normalization

Starting at $800

Machine Learning & Statistical Analysis

Fraud Detection ● Customer Prediction

Delinquency Scoring ● Tradeoff Analytics


Starting at $2,500

Business Intelligence &  Data Enrichment

Competitor/Industry Analysis

Branch Optimization

CRM and Lead Building

Asset Performance + Sales

Starting at $3,200

Data Visualization & Dashboard Creation

Visualize Complex Multi-Channel Data Sets

Cross-Channel/Risk KPI Monitoring

Klipfolio ● Tableau ● QlikView

Starting at $3,500

And much more.


InsightXM — proud partner with IBM Watson

InsightXM is using the incredible power of IBM Watson Analytics to reveal insights, patterns and relationships across your data.