80% of today's data is unstructured and underutilized. 

InsightXM puts your sales and marketing data to work.


With InsightXM, your team has an end-to-end sales & marketing intelligence platform that can integrate, standardize and visualize all of your campaigns and activities

Then put our data science team to work on more specific projects. 


Perfect For A Variety of Sales & Marketing Teams




Business Devs


Unify. Segment. Personalize. Drive ROI.


With the tools, insights, and data science team to track and understand what's resonating with each of your customers, you can create a more personalized, engaging experience — from newsletter content to targeted ads.




Understand your audience and where
they choose to spend time.

  • Multi-platform integrations
  • Neuro analytics
  • Audience insights


Take advantage of every chance to
capture audience attention.

  • On-site engagement optimization
  • Persona marketing
  • Content alignment


See trends over time and gain insight
from your success.

  • Registration patterns
  • Repeat attendance
  • Engagement patterns

A Single Hub For All Your Data


With InsightXM, you get a single hub to help you easily collect, manage and route all your sales and marketing data. Whether it’s your CRM or your social media, your services work with insightXM – no extra effort required. 


Sales and Marketing Solutions That Crush It


Our project-centered, pay-as-you-go platform lets your team quickly and flexibly take on new data challenges as they arise.

No monthly contracts. No confusing pricing. No Surprises.



Business Intelligence &  Data Enrichment

Competitor/Industry Analysis

Marketing + Sales + Advertising Data

CRM and Lead Building

Starting at $2,500

Machine Learning & Statistical Analysis

Customer Prediction ● Clustering

Model Building ● Tradeoff Analytics

Excel ● Python ● R

Starting at $3,200

Data Visualization & Dashboard Creation

Visualize Complex Multi-Channel Data Sets

Cross-Channel/Market KPI Monitoring

D3.js ● Tableau ● QlikView

Starting at $3,500

Natural Language Analysis & Text Mining

Behavioral Personas

Personality Insights

Sentiment Analysis

Starting at $7,250


And Much More.


InsightXM — proud partner with IBM Watson

InsightXM is using the incredible power of IBM Watson Analytics to reveal insights, patterns and relationships across your data.