Security is Our Priority

We take extra measures to ensure that our security is impenetrable.



InsightXM uses heavy encryption to ensure that data cannot be read if a client uses an insecure network or a public WiFi network. All data is transmitted over bank-grade SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption connections.

Physical Storage

InsightXM exclusively uses Amazon's secure storage facilities for data storage. These facilities are distributed around the globe, making it extremely difficult for an adversary to locate the position of your data. Every storage center is highly secured by military grade perimeter control, state-of-the art electronic surveillance and 24-7 monitoring by trained security personnel. Learn more about Amazon security.

Background Checks

InsightXM believes that security is paramount so we thoroughly vet all InsightXM employees. We conduct background checks to ensure adherence to the law, and intensive interviewing and training to maintain consistency and fidelity in our policies.

Need to Know Basis

InsightXM uses the principle of minimal privilege to ensure that your data can only be accessed by as few people as is necessary to get the work done. Need to know basis is not just for spy novels, your data is sensitive and we treat it that way.