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Our project-centered, pay-as-you-go platform lets your team quickly and flexibly take on new data challenges as they arise.

 No confusing pricing. No Surprises.



Data Mining, Cleaning, & Normalization

Websites ● APIs ● Databases

Documents ● PDFs ● Images

Cleaning ● Normalization

Machine Learning & Statistical Analysis

Prediction ● Clustering

Model Building ● Tradeoff Analytics

Excel ● Python ● R

Data Visualization & Dashboard Creation

Sales and Marketing KPIs

SaaS ● DevOPS KPIs

D3.js ● Tableau ● QlikView




Business Intelligence &  Data Enrichment

Competitor/Industry Analysis

Behavioral Personas

CRM and Lead Building

API/Database Creation & Management

Relational (SQL) ● NoSQL

Hadoop ● MapReduce ● Spark

Javascript ● JSON ● XML

Natural Language Analysis & Text Mining

Tone Analyzer ● Language Detection

Personality Insights

Sentiment Analysis


And much more.