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From the simple to the supremely sophisticated - we've got you covered

No matter which package you choose, you'll always be harnessing the power of our flexible design - and the smarts of our team. 

In a nutshell

  • Discover trends that span across different events
  • Understand your audience to better design future events
  • Do real-time, complex analysis
  • Free you from limitations and complications of Excel spreadsheets

What's included:

Powerful query tool

  • Easy to use for your events team wherever they are
  • Fast answers to marketing and planning inquiries/requests
  • Advice and support from our experienced analysts
  • No developer required

Business Intelligence

  • View data across multiple data sources
  • Segment your audience based on any data criteria
  • Find trends from past events
  • Track KPIs leading up to your event

Data Visualization

  • View key metrics
  • Drill down into audience responses
  • Graphs, charts and dashboards all created for you
  • Share customer data with executives

Pre-built dashboards

Log in and see immediately your key indicators - every package includes pre-built dashboards based on our experience of what matters.  Registrations over time, registrations by location, the results of your marketing efforts.  Compare, contrast and use the information to inform your next steps.

insightxm event tech
IXM dash 3.png

Query Tool

If the dashboards aren't enough for you, dive deep into your data and query until the cows come home.  Create unlimited queries and save them so you can check back any time.

And of course, we feature a stellar team

You might be a data pro - congrats!  Or you might be dipping your toe in the data water - welcome!  Either way, InsightXM features an awesome team, on hand to help build custom dashboards, and advise on the questions you should be asking to get the answers you need.